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Priestís House in Wimborne is one of the townís hidden treasures. As well as the splendid local history museum there is a lovely garden which has been created by Val Baker and her team of volunteers. It is gardened organically and is full of scented plants which makes it very suitable for bats. It is also a lovely place to have tea in the centre of Wimborne as it is a quiet place with many little corners where you can sit and watch the birds or enjoy the river Allen which flows past the end of the garden.

It was the idea of Councillor David Morgan to install some bat boxes in the garden of the museum. The River Allen Bat Roost installed 4 bat boxes in January 2015. We were keen to help as this site complements our other bat habitats in the town centre.

Daubentonís bats and Soprano Pipistrelles regularly hunt in this part of Wimborne.

Bat Projects and NewsBat Projects and News

Daubentonís Bat