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All this has been made possible through the help and support of many individuals and organisations including: The Bat Conservation Trust , The Vincent Wildlife Trust, Honeybrook Farm, East Dorset & Christchurch District Council, Wimborne Town Council, The Priest’s House Museum, The Conservation Foundation, Wessex Water, and the Forestry Commission. If you buy anything from NHBS,  via our website, they will make a small donation to our bat projects.

We are both retired professionals who hold Natural England Bat licences (Science & Conservation). We give a huge amount of our time and resources to this project and are now busier than we ever were when we were working!

The River Allen Bat Roost, a non-profit making charity, is a Network Group of the Bat Conservation Trust. The data from all these bat projects is recorded to the Dorset Environmental Record Centre via Living Record. This is a way of making a contribution to the natural history of Dorset and it helps to protect the bats: developers, tree surgeons, planning officers are able to consult this data base – it is hugely important that records exist to show where bats live and hunt at different times of the year.