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Wooden “Kent” design bat boxes and woodcrete Schwegler bat boxes are attractive to many species of bats – the biggest differences are in the life-span of the boxes and the initial cost. Some species, like Brown Long-eared bats and Noctules are particularly attracted to the Schwegler 2FN which is a cylindrical cavity box – these are often chosen over similar designs of wooden cavity bat box. The larger Schwegler 1FF is favoured by Pipistrelle bats as a maternity roost box.

If your garden is unsuitable for a bat box you might consider sponsoring a bat box in one of our project areas. Contact us to find out more.

The Bat Conservation Trust recently installed some of these in the garden of Buckingham Palace and they have already been discovered by the Royal bats!


Schwegler bat boxes—The Royal Box!

If you would like to build a bat box for your garden the BCT designs for wooden bat boxes are available—we are using them!