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In the far west of Finistere there is an old Forge in the village of Confort Meilars. The attic is home to a large colony of Greater Horseshoe bats. When the forge was restored, by the award-winning Breton Architect Christian Lioto, a special door was designed in the roof to enable the bats to freely come and go even when the forge was using the chimney. Needless to say, many of the bats still prefer the original exit and by the time they go hunting the Blacksmith has gone home. The Forge has done everything possible to make the bats welcome in their old home, working with the Groupe Mammalogique Breton, they have installed an infra-red camera in the attic, which relays images to a small visitor centre in the next room so that people can see the bats without disturbing them. The forge is a working visitor attraction and is open to the public every Saturday morning. Volunteers use the old tools to create some beautiful iron work and the Forge is a community space which is still the heart of this lovely small village. ( En franais )