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Long-awaited, this book is more than a new edition of my favourite bat book. Our scientific knowledge of bats has moved on and the text reflects this and includes many references to websites and new sources of information on the organisations that protect bats in the 21st century. New drawings and watercolours by Guy Troughton bring the text to life and retain the sense of fun which makes this book accessible to readers of all ages. (see next page) Frank Greenaway’s photographs give a reality to these magical creatures but the drawings often show the bats’ characters in a deeper way – both are important, as most people only see bats as silhouettes in the night sky. Phil Richardson has a rare ability to present everything one needs to know about bats in a way that is amusing and memorable. Anecdotes of his bat work may well encourage people to search out and join their local bat group. This is a book which I would buy for adult friends and for children. The cover features a lovely watercolour of a brown long-eared bat which could open the door to an interest in Natural History which will last a lifetime.

Publisher: Whittet Books ISBN 978-1-873580-95-0

The British Natural History Collection £15.99.