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IBN 2017  - “Fighting for Europe’s Bats”

Our celebration of International Bat Night had a special theme this year “Fighting for Europe’s Bats!” We discussed how current legislation to protect bats is Europe-wide and that we will need to ensure that bats are still protected when the UK leaves the EU.

We welcomed 50 guests to our IBN celebration at Honeybrook Farm (another sell-out!) We all designed bat shields as a symbol of our commitment to protecting Europe’s bats. At the end of the evening, we photographed all the shields and sent the photo as a card, for International Bat Night, to Eurobats in Bonn. This organisation supports bat groups all over the world and provides publicity & posters for their IBN events. Greetings on our card were signed in Serbo-Croat, German, Italian and French – it was a truly international gathering.