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Bat books for children have to be interesting and fun to read as well as informative— you could be lighting the spark of an interest that might last a lifetime. The books listed here cover a wide age range but remember, good books are attractive to people of all ages—I’d enjoy reading these books

1. Daft Bat, Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross, given to me by a young supporter of our bat work the glow in the dark cover attracted me to it immediately. It is a charming tale about how bats are different to the rest of us mammals—the wonderful drawings, and upside down bat text, as he talks to the other animals makes even the adult reader reflect on understanding, and appreciating, difference.

2. Bats (Animals are Amazing series) Kate Riggs. Aimed at 5-7 year olds this is a book that enables young children to discover the amazing world of real bats.

3. 3.Bats at the Beach, Brian Lies. One of a series of amusing bat stories that include outstanding illustrations and even bat songs to sing! The anarchic world of the bats would entice any reader to discover more about real bats—the child’s imagination will be in overdrive next time he sees a real bat swoop over the garden on a summer’s night.

4. 2. Bats (Usborne Beginners) Megan Cullis. A short informative text with links to bat websites.

5. Bats in the Band, Brian Lies most recent bat story: “The relief on our faces is easy to read—a little night music is just what we need!” the bats band and their crazy adventures will delight children and maybe inspire older brothers and sisters to join in with some musical bat fun!