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1. Bats, Phil Richardson, Whittet British Natural History series, published November 2017 in a new and revised edition. This book is both amusing and full of valuable information about bats.

2. Les Chauves-souris de France, Belgique, Luxembourg et Suisse, Laurent Arthur, this is the definitive book on European bats—full of cultural and scientific information with exceptional photographs. The older edition of this book includes a very useful pocket guide to identification.

3. Bats of Britain, Europe & Northwest Africa, Christian Dietz, Otto Von Helversen & Dietmar Nill. The bat coffee table book—full of informative content and superb photographs.

4. Bats from Evolution to Conservation, John D. Altringham. A serious scientific guide with splendid drawings—this is an over-view of the biology of the world’s bat species.

5. Bats of Britain and Europe, Christian Dietz & Andreas Kiefer. A useful field guide, to pack with your bat detector for European holidays, also take our guide to European bat call characteristics.

6. British Bat Calls, A Guide to Species Identification, Jon Russ.  A good introduction to bat sounds .

7. Social Calls of the Bats of Britain and Ireland, Neil Middleton et al, (the more difficult sounds to interpret).

8. Acoustic Ecology of European Bats, Michel Barataud, the long-awaited translation of his comprehensive book on how to identify European bat species by their calls.

9. The Lesser Horseshoe Bat: Conservation Handbook, HW Schofield (Vincent Wildlife Trust) Lots of information on this fascinating species and ideas for landscape management and conservation.

10. Bats, Phil Richardson (not the same as No. 1 above) - Covers the bats of the world.